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Denver, Colorado 80206
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Unique Value

Comprehensive, Integrated Approach: No matter how broad or intricate your family requirements, we use a comprehensive, interdisciplinary methodology to deliver total asset, expense and family services management. Collaborating with you, we work to discover, shape and deliver a thoroughly considered and professionally supported solution solution for your unique family needs.

Shared Resources, Undivided Attention: A key virtue of the multi-family office lies in its tailored fit—allowing you to enjoy the personal attention of a dedicated family office while delivering the benefits of sharing mutual costs, collaborative ideas and strategic synergies. Through this unique model, we offer our client families a measured balance of opportunity and efficiency.

Principaled Financial Advisors: With decades of leadership in both traditional and alternative investment roles for firms such as Epic Capital, UBS, Morgan Stanley, Satori Capital and Mantucket Capital, Cherry Creek Family Offices' principals have a wealth of expertise and success in the management of comprehensive family portfolios. Beyond experience, Cherry Creek Family Offices is guided by a clear, simple code of ethics, touched daily in our corporate values.

Decisions, At Your Discretion: Distinct from traditional financial services approaches that solicit your input only to ultimately make discretionary decisions for you, Cherry Creek Family Offices objectively presents opportunities with the final investment decision remaining in your hands. With open access to our advisors, your family benefits from the control and confidence inherent in the direct pairing of Cherry Creek Family Offices’ principals with decision makers in your family.

Opportunistic Investments, Asymmetrical Returns: With a uniquely qualified team and a refined approach molded through consistent success, Cherry Creek Family Offices assists client families in seizing private investment opportunities beyond their core holdings. Since 2008, our principals have consistently outperformed the market within our opportunistic investments by applying a disciplined process of sourcing, evaluating, structuring, and managing investment deals. The results for our clients are asymmetrical returns for the underlying risk.

A Selective, Family of Families: “Family” isn’t simply a part of our name; it is an integral part of the vision we set out for our firm. Cherry Creek Family Offices takes a sincere, long-term view toward client relationships and the potential synergies—direct and indirect—that exist among its client families. Stewarding a small, select group of families, who share a similar outlook on the importance of connection, authentically makes Cherry Creek Family Offices a family of families.

Equitable Fees, Exceptional Service: Traditional management fee structures—that adjust quarterly to ride the highs and reset the lows of market fluctuation—reward the firm and not the family. Cherry Creek Family Offices takes a lower, longer term fee approach on Assets Under Management (AUM), shifting the advantage to its client families.

Powerful, Integrated Reporting: If information is power, the clear organization and accessibility of information is ultimate control. Cherry Creek Family Offices gives you that control by integrating the critical measurements of sustained prosperity—financial statements, bill payment and expense management tools—into a simple, integrated reporting system using the latest technology. With anywhere, anytime “real time” access available online, we put the power and control of information directly in your hands.